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The city of Arraial do cabo is our main diving destination. Known as the "Diving Capital", it offers a great variety of sites and conditions!

One of the biggest advantages of Arraial do Cabo is the short distance between the marina - starting point to the adventures - and the dive sites. Most dive sites can be reached wihin 20 minutes of navigation.

Many animals find shelter and protection in its waters. Some animals are residents during the whole year and others are regular visitors, like dolphins and whales.

We can say that Arraial do Cabo is our house extension, because we know the sea of this region in detail. With DIVE POINT you can be sure that you will be guided by experienced professionals, who love and protect the underwater treasures of the region.

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Dive Sites

The dive sites in Arraial do Cabo are near but depending on the area visited, they can offer different conditions regarding the fauna, depth, corals and currents. In this way, we can sort the sites with similar caracteristics.

You can check the location in the map.

Fortaleza, Flutuante, Ponta D´Água e Gato (1, 2, 3 & 12)

Shallow sites (5 ~10 meters), they are visited most of the times to by students of the Open Water course, during their training. These sites are a good option when the wind is strong, because they offer a great natural barrier.

Cardeiro, Cherne e Ilha dos Porcos (4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11)

This is for sure. one of the most visited sectors. Because besides the rich fauna, you can find seahorses. At Cardeiro Bay (4) we can find a kind of coral (Soft Coral) that is not original from Brazil and it is adored by underwater photographers..

An interesting way of expand your knowledge about marine fauna and ecosystems is the underwater naturalist course.

The depth in these places is between 7 and 15 meters. With exception of the sites located at the Ilha dos Porcos that are facing the open sea(9, 10 & 11). In this sites the depth is between 12 and 35 meters.

Abobrinha, Escadinha, Anequim e Ponta Leste (13, 14, 15 & 16)

These are the ideal points to see lobsters e sea turtles. It is also possible to find different species of rays like stingrays, cow nose and spoted eagle rays. Average depth 12 meters but it can reach 27 meters at the end of the island (Ponta Leste).

Cachorrinha, Ferreiro, Ponta do Meio, Buraco do Mero, Oratório, Paredes, Focinho e Bufador (17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 25)

These sites are indicated to divers with more experience, the ideal is that the divers have advanced training because the dives are deeper (15 ~ 40 meters). Big animals are common here.

These sites are subjected to currents and waves.

Gruta da Camarinha e Gruta Azul (24 & 26)

No doubt, two of the most famous dives in Arraial do Cabo. To visit the caves it is required a high skill level. Because these sites don´t offer direct access to the surface if needed.

Depth between 7 and 35 meters.

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Teixeirinha, Thetis, Harlingen e Dona Paula (5, 26, 27 & 28)

These shipwrecks have a lot of history to tell!

They are located between 7 and 25 meters. But it is not so common to visit them, because the conditions in the sites are normally chellencing: poor visibility and very cold water. When the conditions are good, they are for sure a great experience!

Ponta da Prainha, Prainha, Ponta do Gabriel e Ilha do Pontal (29, 30, 31 & 32)

These places are more exposed to the northeast wind (NE), that blows during the whole year and because of that are seldom visited. The boats go to these sites when there is no wind or when the wind comes from south (S) or southwest (SW).

With not so many corals, the rocks are home for many moray eels and lobsters.

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