Arraial do Cabo

Located in the Região dos Lagos, the city of Arraial do Cabo is famous among the scuba divers and those who love the sea. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters are an invitation to relax.


180 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro.
You normally need 2hr30min (car) to arrive in Arraial do Cabo.

From Arraial do Cabo, you need more or less 25min to arrive in Cabo Frio and 50min to Búzios.

How to arrive?

By Bus: regular lines leave the Terminal Rodoviário Novo Rio (bus station) in Rio de Janeiro many times a day;
By Car: from Rio, you will drive through the Bridge Rio-Niterói and use the Via Lagos highway until Cabo Frio, then take the proper exit to Arraial do Cabo.


Dive Sites

More than 20 dive points scattered around the small bay formed by the continent and the Cabo Frio Island.

Depths can vary from 12m to more than 50m in some spots.

One important characteristic of Arraial do Cabo is that the cold deep waters that are rich in nutrients come to the surface during certain periods. These cold waters are responsible for the amazing variety of animals found in every dive.

The average water temperature in Arraial do Cabo is 21° C.
The visibility oscilates between 5 and 12 meters.

Know a little bit more about Arraial do Cabo visiting the following link:
Dive Sites - Arraial do Cabo

01 day dive includes:

- Boat;
- Snacks (fruit, cookies, cake, water...)during the surface interval;
- 02 Compressed Air tanks;
- Weight belt.

Not included:

- BCD, Regulator Valve, Wetsuit, Fins, Masks and Snorkel;
- Computer;
- Accommodation;
- Transportation;
- Personal expenses.

Price: R$130,00